How should you sell at a stand during a fair?

How should you sell at a stand during a fair?

First, when we decided to participate in a fair, the kind of standit is an important factor in making ourselves known in front of the public. But it is not the only thing that we should consider relevant, when participating in an event

However, being a participant in a fair, our main objective is to publicize and promote our products and services to potential customers. To achieve that goal, you will not only need an excellenpresentación or a majestic stand, but use effective sales techniques to attract customers and achieve new strategic business alliances that boost the growth of your business.

Here we will show you techniques to sell in a stand during a fair and obtain new commercial alliances

-Days prior to the fair, instrúyete very well about the product and service you will offer. You have to know your memory: names, properties, prices and benefits for the client. You have to be prepared for any question that anyone at the fair will ask you.

-Create an excellent presentation in advance for your stand at the fair, here we show you how to present your stand successfully...

-Students weeks before the competition, and idea sales strategies and presentation that they do not have.

-Care your presence and personal image, days before the event, which will tell you a lot when you attend the clients in person. On the day of the event dress appropriately reference to your company and product and have an impeccable image.

-During the day of the fair, carefully study each person who is around 2 meters near your stand. You have to identify if: you are an active, indecisive or passive person. How do we find out that? We simply approach the person with the questions, if you want to know our product or if you want to see our stand ?. An active person is the one who is interested and will walk to the stand. An indecisive person does not know what to say and that person is asked: have you found what you were looking for? The passive person is one who does not stop in front of the stand, you have to approach it in what is neglected.

-Then qualifies the client, having a pleasant conversation with him, to know which company he belongs to and to which he is dedicated.

– Based on who the customer is, present the product and talk about the advantages it has for him and tell him about your business, so that he feels interested either for the product or for your company.

-Learn the stand and all your products, eye tell it in a few words and that it does not last more than 30 minutes, so you do not get tired of the presentation.

– Subsequently make the contract closure and file the new contact and pass to the next customer.

During the day of the fair, remember to be kind, have a positive attitude and always help your client as much as possible, these are key to selling at a stand during a fair